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The McLaren 720S Spider is one of the most powerful drop-top sports cars on the market. The technicians and designers of NOVITEC developed an extensive customization range, which further hones the talents of this two-seater. It includes custom-tailored aerodynamic-enhancement components fine-tuned in the wind tunnel. What is more: They are made from the innovative forged carbon material, which gives the carbon components a new look. Another key factor in the extravagant appearance are the NOVITEC hi-tech forged wheels. In concert with sport springs, their combination of 20 and 21-inch wheels at the front and rear puts even more emphasis on the wedge shape of the car. Another focus of the work is on the twin-turbo V8: Three different levels of performance upgrades can give the 720S Spider a peak output of up to 592 kW / 806 hp and up to 878 Nm of torque. With that upgrade under the hood, the drop-top sports car slings itself from rest to 100 km/h in just 2.7 seconds. Top speed increases to 346 km/h. The fitting thrilling sound is provided by the NOVITEC RACE high-performance exhaust systems, which come in various versions. In addition, the German refinement specialist offers countless options for making the cockpit of the McLaren even more exclusive.